11th September 2019

This Beanbag Onesie Could Add Comfort and Convenience To Your Commute

The 1st of April 2019 was a great day for pranksters, and like always, the newspapers had a ball.

The Sun reported that a new 50p would come into circulation with the poo emoji on it (nice and highbrow there), while The Daily Star managed to convince some readers that beer would soon be available on the NHS.

Away from the media, the British Transport Police decided to drop this old chestnut:

It’s a good idea if you ask me.

And, Tinder decided to post that they were introducing a new height verification, making men stand in front of known landmarks to earn a verified height badge.

These pranks, while pretty hilarious, are easy to spot.

The prank that keeps on giving

Amongst the mass of one day wonders, was one prank that people still cant get enough of some months later.

Website thinkgeek.com first advertised a unique product on April 1st 2019, and people flocked to buy it.

However, customers were met with a horrifying truth when they placed the item in their baskets.

The item in question? A beanbag chair onesie with a built in cushion.

Commuters want a beanbag onesie, and they want it now

Stylish AND useful.

This beanbag-come-onesie will not only put hella junk in the trunk, but could make your morning commute comfier than ever.

Such was the popularity of the joke, there are still articles in circulation praising the existence of this product.


While some people gradually became aware of the prank, they also were annoyed that the product didn’t actually exist.

One customer tweeted the website stating:

“I know it’s an April Fools joke, but I couldn’t help but think this could be useful.”

Another Twitter user added: “I know it’s a Jokes Day product, but as a onesie fan I’d like to try this thing.”

Unfortunately, it seems that these fans might never be taken seriously as thinkgeek are actually shutting down their online sites, hosting a ‘moving out sale’ to help them shift stock.

Not all is lost however, as their physical stores will remain open.

I for one am glad it was a prank, because with it costing $89.99, you must be having a laugh.