10th September 2019

Starting Your First Graduate Job? Here’s What To Expect

Whilst the internet is filled with advice guiding those fresh faces on how to survive their first weeks of university, for some of us that life is a distant memory.

Uni is over, and we’re not ok.

So, what comes next?

For some lucky folks, they disappear off on a second (or third) gap year, ‘finding themselves’ at the top of the Himalayas.

For the rest of us, well, it’s time to get a job.

Starting your first full-time job can be pretty scary.

What will the people be like? Will you still have a social life? Who will you eat lunch with?

Here’s what to expect from your first full-time job:

For the first few weeks, you’ll have no idea what you’re doing.

And it will feel like you’re annoying the hell out of everyone with all your questions…

Especially because Offices can be just like schools, and there are clicks.

And, you’ll probably spend the first week figuring out who you want to pal up with.

Once you’re in a group, you’ll realise mornings are spent discussing what you’ll have for lunch…

Unless you’re that sensible person who brings lunch in.

Your boss will either be super soft and completely unhelpful…

Or a micromanaging evil dictator.

But either way, you’ll figure out how to work them.

Full time work is exhausting…

And you can no longer handle the mid-week night out.

Instead you now spend your evening in bed eating, and watching TV.

However, come Friday, you’re ready to party.

And, after your first office drinks, you’ll be full of fear that you said something you shouldn’t….

But you’ll soon realise that it’s all good, and your new working life will do just fine.


By Charlotte Ellis