9th September 2019

Tyrone Mings: Aston Villa’s Very Own Cinderella Story

Tyrone Mings, Aston Villa’s centre back, could be the centre of a rags to riches story like no other.

Gareth Southgate has called him up to face Bulgaria and Kosovo as part of the England squad.

However, this A-list life wasn’t always on the cards for Mings, having spent previous years pulling pints and training as a mortgage advisor instead of training with footballs elites.

He states of his own success:

“This is obviously a very proud moment for me and my family. I never thought I missed the boat – the boat was going though!”

Tyrone has been through alot.

Despite the fact that his primary school years were unstable as he was forced to live in a homeless shelter with his mother and three sisters, he was encouraged away from football at every turn.

Rejected by Southampton at 15, as he was apparently too ‘lightweight’ for the teams liking. He was also rejected by Cardiff City, Swindon Town and Bristol Rovers.

After spending time building his physique while at school Mings was signed to Southern League Division One South & West side Yate Town, which is three tiers before conference level.

To make up for his measly salary at the club Mings sought employment at a local pub, The White Heart in Chippenham.

He also was starting as a mortgage advisor, showing how close Mings came to giving up a career in football.

This was only seven years ago.

He told the Football Daily podcast:

“There have been times in my football career where I’ve thought: ‘Is this it? Is this as far as I’m going to go?’

“There have always been times where I’ve not been sure and I can’t see the path, see my way into football at the moment.”

He was then luckily signed to Ipswich after playing a trial match against a Nike Academy Team.

He was later then signed to Bournemouth, however disaster would soon hit, leaving him with a major knee injury and poor mental health.

“I would shut myself away, I didn’t want to do rehab. I didn’t want to do anything to get my knee better, I didn’t want to talk to anyone.” states Mings.

However, this wasn’t the end of his story either, and after getting some help he was back on his feet.

Enough for Southall to be impressed by his performances both in the Championship last year and this term as a permanent player.

Despite the dizzying heights Ming’s reaches, he doesn’t seem to forget his background, giving money to charity, paying for fans tickets and wiping all of his mums debt.

What a guy!

By Erin Cobby