9th September 2019

Everything You Need to Know About the New Downton Abbey Movie

This Friday, four years after we were left bereft, Downton Abbey is coming to the big screen.

So get ready for the most excitingly stifled drama of your life.

What’s the Downton Abbey film about?

While the finery enjoyed by the Crawley family may have seemed fit for royalty to us peasants, we’re about to see it tested against the real thing.

King George V and Queen Mary are coming to Downton.

Drama ensues when the royal staff attempt to takeover downstairs prior to the royal visit.

In classic Downton fashion, fans have been warned to “bring the tissues”, as one of the main characters could be making a permanent exit.

Imelda Staunton, just one of the new cast additions for the big screen states:

“You’re going along with the story then, pow.”

Who’s in the new film?

Nearly all members of the Downton Abbey cast have returned for the film, with Dame Maggie Smith (Violet) with Laura Carmichael (Edith) agreeing to the film at the last minute.

Michelle Dockery, who plays Mary, said it was great to be back with all the “gang” because “we all missed each other”.

Hugh Bonneville, who plays the lead Lord Grantham says:

The biggest testament to the film is that everyone turned up. We had hurdles getting them in the same place at the same time but there was a will to do it.”

Geraldine James and Simon Jones play King George V and Queen Mary respectively.

Simon Jones, Geraldine James, Kate Phillips, Tuppence Middleton, David Haig, Philippe Spall and Stephen Campbell Moore also join the cast.

Aside from the cast other new additions include shorter hemlines and less cumbersome costumes.

Michelle stated that she was a fan of the change, saying: “When we first started, we were all in corsets. Now I can just throw my costumes on in the morning.”

However, not everything was this easy.

Due to the change from TV to film, wider shots were used, necessitating more grandiose set and props.

Banquet scenes would take hours, with crew meticulously topping up food and drink to ensure consistency.

The actors couldn’t enjoy any of the sumptuous food depicted however, and ate watercress instead so as to not become bloated.

If you’re already worried that the film won’t be a big enough dose of Downton, there’s also a book which you can take home, allowing you to enjoy the magic of the manor again and again.

By Erin Cobby