9th September 2019

5 Easy Pinterest Crafts To Make Your Home More Instagramable

Home decor Instagram accounts are the new *in* thing.

It won’t take you too much scrolling on the explore page before you stumble across an account of a perfectly decorated farm house, with home made accents and natural light aplenty.

It just gives you home envy.

However, you don’t always have to drop a wad of cash to get that insta-worthy homey vibe.

Thanks to Pinterest, people are doing it themselves.

Whilst some of them go viral for the wrong reasons – like being absolutely impossible unless you are a literal craft wizard – some of them are so easy and affordable to do!

Ready to live your best wholesome life?

Here are 5 easy crafts you can do to make your home more gramable:

1. Plant pot decorating

Literally anyone can do this!

Pick up some super cheap terracotta plant pots from your local garden centre, and get creative.

You can use paints, yarn and stamps to create a pot to perfectly match your interior.

Another great idea is writing fun quotes on the sides.

You can jazz up any room, and join in with the urban jungle trend!

DIY Geschenk Kakteentopfmalerei zum Muttertag

2. Comedic cross stitch

Did you ever have a go at cross stitch as a child?

Well, we’re bringing it back!

You can find fun and easy patterns online, and the materials you can order or pick up at your local craft store fairly cheaply.

Very on trend at the moment are expletive filled designs, or dry humour quotes, like this one.

Mount them on the wall, or frame them on your bedside.

Brilliant Cross Stitches

3. Flower pressing

If you’re into the vintage crafts, but looking for a slightly more wholesome vibe, flower pressing is a great one.

Don’t throw away that wilting bunch of sunflowers left over from three weeks ago, make them into prints!

You can buy a flower press from Amazon for around £20, and they last forever.

Then you can easily make gorgeous designs like this for your very own home.

Mother gift Pressed flowers wall art yellow flowers on the | Etsy

4. Boho blanket ladder

Oh so chic and oh so easy.
Upcycle an old ladder, or grab one from your local garden centre.
A lick of paint, and your favourite selection of blankets, and you’ve got a living room worthy of the gram.
This rustic style one is made even better by a string of jazzy fairy lights.
Wooden Blanket Ladder - White Distressed

5. Rustic rope everything

Rope is the new black.

And, lucky for you, it’s cheap and easy.

Grab a glue gun and a load of rope, and update your lighting, photo frames or vases!

Here are some ideas:

Nautical rope lamp


Happy home-making!


By Charlotte Ellis