28th August 2019

Masturbation Voted The Second Most Effective Method of Self-Care

In 2019, we’re all about self-care.

Living in this modern world of main hustles and side hustles, internet dating and debilitating student debt, it’s hardly surprising we are looking under rocks, trees and beds for anything, and I mean literally anything, to take the stress away.

Whilst many turn to lighthearted podcasts or hot yoga, it seems that there’s a clear fan favourite: masturbation.

People are searching deep within themselves for comfort, and it seems, they’re finding it!

Study reveals masturbation is a popular self-care practice

Marvin Gaye was ahead of the trend when he released ‘Sexual Healing’ in 1982.

Little did he know he was predicting an entire wave of millennial self-care. You go, Marv!

You can find countless articles online suggesting different methods of stress-relief.

From soulcycle, to meditation, to healthy eating, the internet is rife with suggestions on how you can kick the blues and live your best life.

However, one, apparently hugely popular, method is going largely unreported.

Self-pleasure, or, *cough* wanking *cough*.


A study conducted by Univia has found that ‘spanking the monkey’ or having a ‘ménage a moi’ is the second most effective method of self care, just beaten by listening to music.

What happens if you do both at once…?

Having a fondle will cure more than just mental ailments

Masturbating has a lengthy history of healing.

When you orgasm, your body releases a surge of lovely endorphins (the same things you get from exercising, but who wants to do that?) which make you feel all round better.

They will help take away your headache, ease period pain and aid those sleepless nights, tossing and turning.

As well as these physical benefits, masturbation has been proven to lower stress and encourage relaxation.

What’s not to like?!

People would rather have a wank than eat healthy

Among the other contenders were exercising and healthy eating, however both were beaten in the rankings by masturbation.


According to the study, as much as 95% of American adults are known to ‘beat their meat’, with a whopping 79% of these considering it a form of self-care.

Whilst more men admit to masturbating that women, stigma is finally being broken down surrounding female pleasure.

And, it seems we can use these stats as firm evidence that the world is backing us: go forth and wank!

Facts and figures of finger fun

Just for a bonus, here are some more numbers given by the survey regarding America’s bedtime habits:

  • Most people have a fondle between 2 and 3 times a week
  • On average, men masturbate twice as much as women each month
  • Millennials are the biggest wankers, closely followed by Gen X

We love a statistic.

Happy self-pleasure-come-self-care!


By Charlotte Ellis