6th August 2019

5 Houseplants That You Couldn’t Kill Even If You Tried

You’ve seen the Instagrams.

Millennials are turning their apartments into urban jungles, with a plant in every empty space available.

Hanging from the ceiling, rustically arranged on those wooden step-style shelves everyone has now, you’ve got to admit, they look pretty cool.

But who can actually keep their plants alive?

We’re all busy hustlin’ Monday to Friday and thuggin’ 5pm Friday to Sunday, where is plant care gonna fit in?

Well, it turns out it’s not always as hard as you might expect.

In fact, some plants actively dislike being cared for. Mood.

So, even if your life involves running around like Usain Bolt after a lucozade, you can still be the ethereal plant parent you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

The trick is, buying the right kind of plants.

Here are 5 of the most low maintenance, unfussy and dreamy plants to fill your house with.

1. Rubber Plants

Close-up Photography of Rubber Plant

These bad boys are made of sturdy stuff…rubber.

Well, not technically, but you know what I mean.

Half the year they don’t even grow, so you can pretty much leave them alone, aside from watering maybe once a month.

In the summer they like a little bit more TLC, but still not an excessive amount.

You can water them every couple of weeks, or give them a spritz with some water.

Just wash out an old Febreze bottle, fill with water and off you go!

2. Maranta, or prayer plants

These are beautiful and will be sure to impress your fellow plant-owning friends.

With their amazing purple undersides, maranta plants come in all shapes and sizes, and are all fairly easy to please.

They like a sunny spot, and watering once a week, but other than that you can leave them be!

Also, if you pop them high up, they droop down and spread lovely trailing leaves.

3. Cacti

I know, I know, the world and his wife has a cactus.

But there’s a reason they’re so popular!

You basically never have to water them, and they just look so cool.

Build up a little collection and they look like an Urban Outfitters display in your own home.

4. Jade Plants

Image result for jade plant

These pretty succulents will spice up your house plant collection.

Like the Maranta, they like lots of sunlight, but they won’t need watering too often.

The trick is to let the pot dry out completely before watering, but try not to let them sit parched for too long.

5. Snake Plant, or Mother-in-law’s tongue

Image result for snake plant

Although aptly named for being as spiky as your mother-in-laws shade, this will be a lot easier to handle.

You can rest easy with this one, which only needs watering once or twice during the whole winter, and once every month or so in the summer.

They’ll also happily chill in lower lighted areas, whilst your sun-hungry plants soak up the sunspots.

Trade your mother-in-law in for a plant version!


By Charlotte Ellis