20th June 2019

How To Make Small Changes And Have A Eco-Friendly Holiday

Has the amazing work of Extinction Rebellion shaken up your life? It’s time for us all to ditch those single use plastics and make a conscious effort to reduce our emissions.

But, you really need a holiday this year… and eco friendly travel can be a bit of a nightmare.

Travelling anywhere means lots and lots of carbon dioxide, especially if you’re planning on going somewhere via plane.

But, what would we be without travel?

It is through travelling we gain knowledge, share cultural experiences and create our most precious memories.

So, maybe we can just do better, rather than stopping entirely.

If you want to do your bit this summer, here are some helpful tips on how you can have a more environmentally friendly holiday. With everything from eco-destinations, day trips, summer clothes and sunscreen!

Where to go on your environmentally friendly holiday

If you’re really, really set on being eco, the simplest way is to stay put. But that doesn’t mean no fun – ever heard of a staycation?

Staying home and having day trips out, or enjoying time relaxing in the comfort of your own home, can be a great idea for those who need some R&R.

Take the time to do the things you love-but-never-have-time-to-do; read that book that you’ve had next to your bed since Christmas, go to the zoo, go hiking, your backyard is your oyster.

The major perk of this one is, no packing! No worrying you don’t have enough pairs of pants, or that you might not have the right stuff for the weather. It’s an all round good idea.

If that doesn’t sound adventurous enough for you, you could always consider a camping trip. A quick google will find you some great camp sites locally, and you may even find one that specialises in sustainability.

Still not quite your bag? Don’t worry, there are plenty of countries known for their eco efforts that you can visit!

Places like Iceland, Costa Rica, Norway and New Zealand are all celebrated for their efforts in preserving natural environments.

Things to do on holiday that have minimal impact on the environment

So, you’ve decided where you’re going, now what are you going to do whilst there?

If you’re an outdoorsy type, then you’re set. Hikes and swimming in natural environments is relaxing and good for the soul.

Just make sure you stick to the areas designated for tourist use, and obviously, don’t litter.

When on a city break and site seeing, take public transport where possible, or even better, move on foot!

Workaways are also a great way to travel in a sustainable way.

On their website, workaway have thousands of hosts looking for people to help them out with projects.

In exchange, you get to experience another country, culture and language.

Many of these are offering eco projects, from maintaining gardens, helping out at eco-hostels and building sustainable housing.

Eco-friendly clothing for your trip

Luckily, with the rise in awareness of environmental issues, eco-friendly clothing is easier to come by than ever.

More and more brands, including big labels like ASOS and H&M, are offering sustainable options.

ASOS has a regular Eco Edit, where it sells everything from face creams, to bikinis, to recycled shorts.

The H&M conscious range is equally good, being both organic and sustainable.


They’ve got floaty summer dresses and enough linen for the whole summer.

For swimwear, check out Arket. Their one-piece and bikini collection uses material made from recycled fishnets and other plastics recovered from the ocean.

You’re actively helping the planet with every purchase!

All the non-toxic beauty you need this summer

Whilst we’re already wary of all the nasties often hiding in our skin care, did you know these same nasties can also do damage to our environment?

It’s reported that there are around 82,000 different chemicals in the ocean from our personal care products.

The big one is of course, sunscreen.

The chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, regularly featured in your average bottle of sun block, are all round bad.

As well as being bad for our skin in that they cause damage to DNA, which could lead to cancerous cells developing, they are also causing deformations in young coral reefs, as well as bleaching them.

The effects of these chemicals takes just two hours to cause serious damage.

So – time to invest in some non-toxic, reef safe sunscreen!

Badger’s Organic Sunscreen is available on Amazon and isn’t too expensive at £14.55 a bottle.

Even cheaper is Jason Sun, which you can pick up at your local Holland & Barrett for £12.99.

Babo Botanicals has a 100% Zinc Oxide sunscreen, also available on Amazon, which is organic and great for super sensitive skin.

Remain responsible, even on holiday

Whilst holidays are your few days to let your hair down and relax, the easiest way to embrace a eco-friendly holiday is by:

  • Like you would at home, separate your rubbish.
  • Switch off lights upon leaving a room.
  • Don’t use excessive water, and don’t litter.
  • Leave all natural spaces exactly as you find them.
  • And get out there and explore!