24th May 2019

Huawei’s ‘Plan B’ Operating System Will Be Ready In 2020

There’s a huge amount of chat about Huawei lately. “They’re spying on us!”, “So is Google!” and “it’s just a trade war tactic” are things you’ll likely hear if you click on to any reddit, news website or forum discussing Huawei.

In response to the sanctions and having their wings clipped Huawei, have revealed that they have been, for some time, creating their own operating system. A system that they, themselves, have dubbed ‘Plan B’.

Huawei’s “homemade” OS

Huawei’s operating system will be able to support a range of products within its ecosystem, according to the head of Huawei’s consumer division, Richard Yu.

Many news outlets have been naming the Huawei operating system ‘homemade’. But can anything that a company with a brand value of $8.4bn actually be homemade? Or is that just a little bit of condescension?

Huawei have already come out said they’d rather not make an operating system of their own, but if they cannot use Android or Microsoft operating systems, they don’t really have a choice.

“We don’t want to do this but we will forced to do that because of the US government” said Yu.

However, the company faces another hurdle in getting developers to recompile apps for the new platform, while facing the competition of Google’s ecosystem.

Android have cut Huawei off

Android have officially given Huawei the cold shoulder, rolled over and taken the bedsheets with them.

That’s after the US department of commerce placed Huawei on an ‘entity list’.

Without Android, Huawei users could lose access to security updates and other disruption.

If a US company wishes to trade with any company on that list, they’ve got to obtain permission from the government first.