Impact: The inspirational story of a former soldier

A former soldier who lost three limbs while serving in Afghanistan has rediscovered his purpose, working in a factory for veterans.

Sergant Gary Jamieson, 38, lost both of his legs and his left arm while serving with the 1st Battalion Scots Guard in 2010.

While on afternoon patrol, his platoon entered a minefield in Lashkargah, Afganistan.

He said: “We came up to derelict buildings and we noticed there was an IED [improvised explosive device] indicator.

“My foot must have been on the pressure pad and when I turned it detonated.”

After six years in and out of rehab preparing him for use of prosthetic legs and taking the time to heal mentally, he now works three days a week at the factory as a water jet cutter.

“When I first got the interview here for the job, I said I want to work here and be the same as everyone else.

“I honestly have no idea what I would be doing if I didn’t work here.”

After such a life-changing experience, Jamieson has rebuilt his life with the support of his family, and of course, reigniting his career.

Using powerful equipment to rework metal, he hopes to transfer his new skills to future employers after 18 months of training.

The factory is run by the Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI), offering jobs and support to Scottish veterans adjusting to life outside the military.

Andy Russell, operations manager at the factory, said:  “I don’t look at Gary as the injured veteran anymore, I look at him as a great operator and he has great potential to do other good things.

“We provide the training and the skills, all we ask for is the can-do attitude.”